Abbott Kinney Residence

Forward Design Office - Designer
Venice - 2009

This residence is located on Abbott Kinney Street in Venice, California, known for its diverse culture and commerce. The property is on an end-lot that has three accessible sides--all potential entry sites. The existing house’s front entry is located on a less desired side. Our goal was to redefine where the actual front entrance of the home would be and to maximize the current spaces without adding more square footage to the home. To do this, the main entry was relocated to Abbott Kinney Boulevard and a new graphic skin wrapped around the house using directional lines toward the entry. The program boundaries were renegotiated using differentiating materials to establish boundary instead of conventional walls. Each element of the house was redefined and integrated into the house seamlessly. As a result, the residents will have a perception of a larger and more open space.

Project Credits - Jeffrey Kim, Eric Lee Lopez, Edgar Duenez, & Artur Grochowski

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