Bridgetown Lofts

SERA Architects - Project Assist to Junior Job Captain
North Pearl - 2014-2016

Bridgetown Lofts is a six story multifamily project. It includes 149 units, a basement of parking and one story of type IA construction under 5 stories of IIIB construction in roughly a one block site on the Willamette River. It abuts the Fremont Bridge and takes advantage of its industrial context by utilizing a steel and brick material palette.

This project was my first after moving to Portland and starting work on multifamily projects. It was the first time I had supported a larger project team, worked in revit, and performed CA utilizing official AIA contracts and forms. My growth on this project was immense.

Working with FORE Properties, a builder and developer, was a crash course in what an architect's role truly is. The key was balancing SERA's liability with giving the owner/contractor the product they truly wanted.

Project Credits

Architecture - SERA Architects
Structural - KPFF
Civil - Cardno
Landscape - Shapiro/Didway
Owner - Fore Property Company
Contractor - Fore Construction

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