Guest House

Richard Seltzer Designs - Project Manager
Venice Canals - 2013

The Stewart Guest House is a multifunctional accessory building allowing for a quiet writing studio, a garage workshop for the car collection, a full guest suite, and a hangout-getaway from the main house.

The building is separated into two layers. Below is the garage workshop that doubles as a relaxing space by the pool. Above is a split-level guest suite with full kitchen and bath that has amenities for entertaining large groups and for a writing studio away from the noise of the main house.

The garage and guest suite intermix through a glass wall that splits the upper layer into two levels. This split allows for visual access to the cars below, as well as a softer separation of the bedroom and living areas for the guest suite. The increased height provides the garage below space for a car lift and the living and kitchen above a better view of the Venice Canal.

The ceiling soars over the lowered, bedroom half of the upper layer, towards a glass wall that opens onto a deck with the pool below and the Venice Canal beyond.

The carefully-considered materials in the kitchen reflect its importance as a center which activity emanates from.

A monolithic wall also flows through the glass facade, connecting interior and exterior while anchoring the entire project to the ground and creating a separation from the neighbors.

Design - Richard Seltzer, Artur Grochowski
Structural Engineering - Stephen Perlof
Visualization - Artur Grochowski

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