Study Abroad: Berlin

Year 4 Studio - Re-Reunification
Europe - 2008.07

Drosscapes fill Berlin. These empty, wasted spaces fall into several typologies and divide the city in different ways. From large expanses of Berlin Wall zones still left over, to empty lots never repaired, to strange negative spaces left over after awkward redevelopment, the city has not healed from its many wounds.

This project aims to take these spaces, divide them into fitting typologies and then treat each typology in a specific, and community-centric way.

The new spaces consist of pocket parks, a large greenbelt, and specific activity spaces. While several are designed, we have created a general schematic for the treatment of each typology that can be used in conjunction with community needs to expand the project into all of Berlin's Drosscapes.

Studio Instructors - John Southern & Gerard Smulevich
Design, Production, etc. - Vestalis Pizarro & Artur Grochowski
Download Full-size Boards - Re-Reunification Boards

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