Multnomah Station Apartments

SERA Architects - Senior Job Captain
Multnomah Village - 2017-2019

Multnomah Station Apartments is the development of a 40-unit multi-family building on the site of a historic gas station. The project takes moderne art deco cues from the gas station and surrounding fabric of Multnomah Village. It maintains one of the original gas pumps in a small public plaza.

Additionally, the project was the first to utilize Portland's new Inclusionary Zoning standards, providing affordable housing for the community.

My main role on the project was to maintain a strong relationship with a demanding client while minimizing risk for SERA and providing effective support for the contractor to assure a quality building.

Project Credits

Architecture - SERA Architects
Structural - Froelich Engineers
Civil - Humber Design Group
Landscape - Shapiro/Didway
Owner - UAA
Contractor - LMC

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