ArgWorx - Designer
Corner - 2007

Designed as a space-saving, multifunction piece, these book shelves consolidate the contents from a collection of small shelves into a full-height storage and display wall. The shelves also integrate a desk and allow the colorful walls to peek through between the books.

The formal language derives from several requirements. The recessed vertical supports and overhanging shelf edges help the shelves float freely and give an open feel to the room's corner. The angled edge allows unobtrusive entry and views from the doorway as well as a separate display space for figurines. The double-thick, laminated front edge can stably span the required four feet between vertical supports even when fully loaded and the desk can comfortably fit a full computer set-up including space underneath for a computer tower.

The entire construction comes from three, four-by-eight-foot plywood sheets with almost no waste. The staining contrasts the wall and further makes the piece pop, while accentuating the plywood layers visible at the edge. These simple lines on the wall provide storage and spatial relief to a small space without going over budget.

Design, Construction, & Installation - Artur Grochowski
Finishing - Gosia Grochowska
Photography - Artur Grochowski

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