ArgWorx - Designer
Living Room - 2008

Designed to store vinyl records and CDs protected from daily dust and grime, but still allow for easy browsing and selection.

The table is founded upon two plinths made of ultra stable europly with precision mitred corners. The plinths float above the ground on a series of casters and hold a collection of vinyl records.

A powder-coated, steel-tube frame spans between the two plinths and undulates downward to hold a massive drawer of CD records. The drawer uses the same europly technique as the plinths to wrap the records in many layers. Glass then spans over the drawer revealing the entire CD collection. The plinths, on the other hand, keep their solid character and get europly lids to protect the records.

The CD drawer pulls out in both directions to allow full access to the entire collections. Overall, the spanning structure creates a lightness that contrasts the weight of the plinths and allows for the display and safekeeping of the record collection.

Design - Remigiusz Czarnecki & Artur Grochowski
Construction - Remigiusz Czarnecki
Photography - Artur Grochowski

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